Wellness in Business with Dr. Lauren Collins


Dr. Collins is a chiropractor, doula, and wellness junkie all in one. Her practice resides in Houston, Texas. She loves connecting with women like herself, that believe in elevating their well-being in order to be their personal best. Her online platform was created to share her knowledge as a holistic doctor and sharing her personal experiences.

We’ve connected via social media and she is such a joy! So easily approachable, open, and has such as sweet, kind spirit. I’ve learned a lot from her posting and sharing, and I know you all will too.

Dr. Collins shares the ways she personally cares for herself while balancing her chiropractic business, being a wife, building her social platform, and more.

1. What are you currently reading right now?

I just finished “Expecting Better” by Emily Oster and just started “Identity Matters” by Terry Wardle which is about finding your identity in Christ and “The Fourth Trimester” by Kimberly Johnson. I started “The Body Keeps Score” by Dr. Besser Van Der Kolk but I needed something more right- brained after reading “Expecting Better.” I read a ton if you can’t tell. Ha.

2. How’d you get into the field of being a chiropractor, doula, and a holistic health lover?

I’ve always had an interest in healthy/holistic living even as a teenager. I was always active in dance and got involved in instructing and going to the gym to weight train as I got older. My first experience with chiropractic was actually per the recommendation of my pilates instructor in undergrad. (I minored in Dance so I took almost  20 hours of movement courses) I was having some lower neck and shoulder problems and the chiropractor helped my body heal only using her hands and I was so fascinated by that! Originally I thought PT was my path, but the more I looked into it I lost interest and became attracted to Chiropractic especially after my personal experience with it helping me get well after that injury. I toured Parker Chiropractic College and had a gut feeling that’s where I was supposed to be and jumped in kind of blindly honestly! I didn’t know much about chiropractic philosophy and had no idea how challenging it would be. It wasn’t until I started school that I learned about the vitalistic philosophy of Chiropractic, which honors the innate wisdom and healing potential in the body. I discovered prenatal and pediatric care about halfway through school and trained as a doula in 2013 to get more firsthand experience working with expectant moms. Learning more about women’s health, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, etc. really gave me the knowledge to back the interest and passion that was already there, so that’s when I really began to experiment with leading a holistic lifestyle and changing things up. I was a super broke grad student, under a ton of stress taking 25 credit hours a term, yet during that time I was the healthiest I’d ever been due to those key changes I made in my lifestyle. The radical change in my quality of life really solidified my passion to share with others.

3. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I get ready first then I try to sit and have my coffee/tea, read a devotional, and make my to-do list with my top 5-7 priorities for the day. I don’t check email or social media until that’s done. I’ve been commuting an hour to work over the summer so my mornings look a little different temporarily. I enjoy my tea in the car and listen to a sermon or podcast on the way then proceed with my routine.

4. What’s your biggest WIN this month?

This has honestly been a tough season for me so my biggest win has been deciding to change my mindset, specifically letting go of expectations and trusting God’s plan for my life even when it doesn’t look the way I think it “should” (based on aforementioned expectations). It’s an everyday challenge, but making the decision to commit to better felt major to me.

5. How do you build community?

Reaching out. The smallest things like planning a coffee date or inviting someone to an event makes a huge difference in my opinion. It’s so easy to feel alone when we allow busy-ness to keep us from pausing to connect with one another.

6. What would you share with other women in wellness who are creating or currently have a business?

Try your best not to follow trends and instead do what really resonates with you. Find your own voice, and know that it’s not only OK but healthy for your vision to evolve as you do. Be thorough when starting your business, but also give yourself grace when you make mistakes. You don’t know what you don’t know! Learn from them, don’t compare, and just keep going.

7. What self-care practices do you implement during your monthly cycle?

The biggest one has been allowing myself to rest at the beginning of my cycle. I also use Fertile Alchemy’s aromatic oil throughout my whole cycle which has been super helpful decreasing cramps and promoting hormone balance.

8. How do you stay healthy in your line of work?

I get body work often specifically adjustments and acupuncture. I try to get adjusted weekly and acupuncture monthly unless I’m working through something that requires more frequent visits. I also make sure to take days off where I don’t do anything work related.

9.What’s your favorite smoothie?

Confession: I’m not a smoothie drinker! I literally can’t remember the last time I made a smoothie at home. It’s one of those foods I used to force myself to eat because it’s healthy, but I’ve come to terms with the fact it’s just not my jam. I prefer getting extra veggies in soups, steaming them, or snacking on them. I drink tonics, infusions, and sometimes coffee to get the benefit of common smoothie additives like oils, mushrooms, herbs, collagen, etc.

10.What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is about being connected with yourself and honoring your body’s natural rhythms. It’s more about BEING than DOING. Yes, there are things that support that process like nourishing your body with healthy food, resting, movement, body work, supporting your mental health etc. but wellness really starts as we say in chiropractic from “above, down, inside, out”.

To keep up with Dr. Collins and all the knowledge she shares you can find her online at her website, or via instagram.

Instagram: @drlaurencollins