My Wellness Plan for 2019

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Well, here we are nearing the end of 2018. I must say — this year was a year of elevation and I focused on that. That was actually my word for 2018. In many ways through my journey of healing my cup was very full this year. I’m so excited for next year. Mostly because my intention and focus is crystal clear. The clarity is there and the actions will follow. Man, it takes A LOT to get to your purpose but when you tap in, press in hard and keep going. So many people need whatever you’re serving and bringing to your community.

I wanted to share my wellness focus with you for 2019. You may have set your business goals, traveling plans, but have you decided how you want to care for your well being next year? Take some time and think about that, and see what it looks like to consciously love on yourself daily. Add in practices and rituals to really create a holistic lifestyle for you as well.

A few wellness practices I’m incorporating in 2019 are…

  • Parasite Cleanse (2x a year)

  • Sugar Detox

  • Skin Pen + Vampire facial

I had to self access what I need most next year, and these are top on my list. Now, of course I have fitness goals, and hair goals. But I do take collagen and I eat nutrient dense meals to assist with my hair, skin and nails so doing the things I know to take care of my hair will allow it to continue to grow. I also have a trainer and an online program starting again after the holiday so that focus is there. I’m actually going to do BETTER with training consistently 3x a week. But thats another post for another day.

Parasite Cleanse

So, a parasite cleanse is top on my list especially in relation to doing a sugar detox. If you follow @Organic_Olivia on IG she has a tincture line of herbal supplements. I found out about the parasite cleanse from her blog. As soon as I read it, I knew I needed that.

If you don’t know, most Americans have parasites internally. It’s almost impossible to fully avoid any contamination from bugs. If we de-worm our pets, we should probably do the same to ourselves. By definition Parasites is an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.

Some symptoms of parasites are similar to those who struggle with IBS, chronic fatigue, and auto-immune issues.

  • Gas and bloating

  • painful menstruation

  • acne

  • sugar cravings

  • painful menstruation (parasites in the uterus can contribute to painful mensuration)

  • sleep disorders

  • allergies

  • weight gain OR weight loss

I’ve had acne, adrenal fatigue, and sugar cravings myself so I know how difficult and hard that feels. Not taking care of our internal system can almost feel counteractive like if you’re in the gym constantly but not changing your poor eating habits. Everything, everything starts in the gut. Click the picture below to learn more. Let me know if you decide to do this as well!

Sugar Detox

The sugar detox has actually started already. As of lately, I’d still have sweet tooth and carb cravings, but I was fulfilling them with healthy alternatives. If you know me though, you know I enjoyed my weekly wine, and summer time ice cream. But, my recent visit to the physician required me to change some serious things. Diabetes runs heavily on my father’s side of the family, so it’s always been something for me to monitor but I didn’t actually have. This past visit, the doctor told me my blood sugar level was 6.2 (pre-diabetic state), as an actual diabetic is 6.5 and up. You should have seen my face. Even with myself being a health coach, there were still some heavy changes I needed to make aggressively. Cutting out the carbs, pasta, and once again sweets are a few of them. Luckily, I have a relationship with myself, my body, and I know the changes I have to make but the support is always helpful.

So, I’m following Jaclyn Renee’s “Sugar Detox” protocol, amongst my own alternatives for recipes and finding ways to still enjoy the foods I love, in a healthier way. It’s such a “test and go” phase because I am my own experiment, but it’s great to have outside support as I need it. Even health coaches need coaches! I never shy away from the assistance and support I need from someone else. It’s better to ask for what you need, rather thinking you know it all. I’m not well versed in diabetic care as this is new to me. But I’m also, not officially a diabetic. I’m in the phase that I caught it before hand, so i’m working to reverse it. It’s 100% a committed lifestyle change. I value myself too much to not commit to myself.

From her protocol, she does share that sweet tooth cravings are a result of a magnesium and calcium deficiency. Salt and carb cravings are a result of vitamin B deficiency. So, I’ll be increasing my healthy fats, protein, and vegetable intake. I’ll be sharing more of what I’m eating as overall eating to balance my hormones has been a huge focus for me.

Skin Pen + Vampire Facial (PRP)

Ahhh loving on my skin, is so well needed. I’ve been getting facials more frequently but I’d met with my dermatologist over the summer and we decided on the best treatment for my skin. It’s also natural without any harsh products, or procedures to get me on the road to crystal clear skin. I’ve suffered from acne since middle school. I mostly have scaring now from past acne breakouts, and discoloration in my skin that I don’t want to deal with any longer.

The skin pen at my dermatologists office is the best way for me to go. It's a micro needling skin pen cleared by the FDA to assist with acne scaring. It stimulates the natural wound healing process in the body to remodel the scar tissue. There are 3 phase to this healing process, and the treatments are spaced out but that combined with the vampire facial can create amazing results (depending on your skin care needs). The PRP or vampire facial combines plasma from your blood to create and stimulate cell turnover. This aids in smoothing, and tightening the skin and in result paired with micro needling creates amazing results.

Of course, I have more wellness focused things I want to do this year but these are my top and I’m excited about all of it. The journey, results, and overall health.

What are you doing this year for your wellness? Let me know in the comments!

Love and light,