3 Ways to Handle Anxiety


This article of mine was recently featured on 21Ninety.com but I had to make sure my fellow blogging family received this from my personal blog as well.

Do you deal with anxiety? I do, I just came to terms with it this year. I didn’t realize I had anxiety, I just thought I was going through something. That fast fluttering in your heart, mind going in 50 different directions, yet you may look calm as a butterfly. At least that’s how it is for me. You won’t see it on my face, I don’t wear anxiety in facial expressions but it’s definitely in my mind and my body. It pops up at least once a day. Be it dealing with a work related issue that is overly complicated, sorting out how I’m going to get the 20 things on my list done, and anything else that may make it’s way into the little crack of my mind.

Anxiety is the worst. It’s such an unsettling feeling. I’ve done the yoga breathes, paused to slow down, and it is still there. Like — how do you shake that? How can one who’s so calm have anxiety at the same time? Typically, situations don’t overwhelm me, I’m solution oriented but I have anxiety. I thought that sounded crazy but it really doesn’t. 

I’ve found 3 ways to handle my anxiety that I had to share with you all. I have not arrived either, so I’m still working through this. If you have any great tips yourself please share! Millions of Americans deal with this daily on the more we share what we know maybe it’ll resonate and help others. And — if you have anxiety there is no shame in admitting that. The sooner you do, the more you can start to treat it. 


I didn’t really expect needles to make me feel calm, but the concept was legit, and I tried it. I’ve been enjoying this process because it brings a lot of clarity and a very relaxed sensation to my body. The tiny needles are put into your bodies pressure points depending on what your needs are. Acupuncture can help many things and it’s also more of a modern remedy. I actually had a release when I had my first session. I wasn’t crying, but tears were coming down my cheeks. The energy and the way it makes you slow down mentally was what I needed.

It’s not a spot treatment but also heals other areas or things you may be going through. Do your research and pick a place that would be good for you. It’s like everything else you search for — not everyone will be a good fit and you want to be comfortable and secure. 

Rhodiola Rosea

I’ve been doing some research on natural, holistic ways to help with anxiety and doing so I found out about Rhodiola Rosea. You can take it as a pill or a liquid extract. I preferred the liquid extract because I don’t like taking a bunch of different pills a day. I’m particular with the supplements I take via pill, so I like to balance things out with either liquids and/or powders. So, knowing that my anxiety kicks in randomly, I decided on taking the liquid herbal supplement because you can add 2-3 drops into your water, juice, tea, etc and keep it with you as needed. 

Rhodiola is considered an adaptogen which means it helps to make you less prone to physical and emotional stress. It’s a natural medicine that stimulates the serotonin (the body’s natural feel good chemical involving your brain), norepinephrine (improves energy and attentiveness), and dopamine (helps movement, emotion, memory, and thinking because it stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain) activities. 

*always do your research, also do not take if you are pregnant or nursing*

Meditational Sounds

This is super new for me. But — I’ve been listening to the meditation playlist on iTunes. I found that during certain moments (while doing homework, and/or writing out business proposals, even starting this new business investment I made recently) my anxiety would kick in. That overwhelming, got to get everything done really quickly feeling. So, I’d have to stop, and think of what I needed in that moment to feel more peace, feel calm and to slow my mind down. 

The sound of water and ocean waves is the most amazing sound in the world. It’s something I’m drawn to. So, I figured why not just listen to that while I’m doing things that can sometimes feel overwhelming. I like the music they play at the spa and wellness centers a lot because it serves with the purpose of calming you. If you see me working in a coffee shop, I may be listening to the ocean waves come say “hi” because obviously I’ll be in my most peaceful relaxed state. 


The next things I plan to add into my life are more essential oils, therapy (still searching for a new therapist), and being aware of what my body needs from my workouts. That would look like getting back into yoga and doing that 1-2/weekly.