Womanly Wellness with Terra Castro


Terra is one of the most BOLD women I’ve ever met. Her story is profound. If you ever get 10 minutes with her or a chance to attend one of the local events she’s speaking at, trust and believe it is worth it. Terra is the founder of Detroit Body Garage, Be Bold Crew, as well as a lululemon Ambassador.

She’s a woman of many hats, but a heart that is passionate and devoted. She’s been a professional triathlete for over 11 years. Terra currently pours her love and passion into her community at her gym, Detroit Body Garage and with her sweet dog Luna you can’t help but love.

I wanted to learn more about how Terra balances ALL the things, what she enjoys, and what wellness means to her in this season.

1. What’s a workout you never thought you’d love?  

Walking/Hiking. Sometimes I just need a quiet hike with my dog #headcoachluna.  Not all movement needs to be intense, fast, hard. Sometimes we must be gentle, breathe and rebuild.

2. How do you build community?  

By meeting people where they are at. Loving even when it is hard or "inconvenient". Being real and vulnerable to allow authentic connection. Showing up & being consistent. All part of being BOLD.  And creating a place where people can connect & grow (Detroit Body Garage)

3. Your favorite go-to meal? 

Pasta loaded with veggies.

4. What would you share with other women about wellness who are creating or have thriving businesses? 

Remember to take care of YOU, to LOVE YOURSELF (ALL OF YOU!) because only then will you be able to fully LOVE others, to GIVE with a bold heart.  It is OKAY to say NO, to REST and not do #allthethings.  The simple things are so important:  SLEEP, WHAT WE FUEL OUR BODY WITH, OUR ENVIRONMENT, and OUR MINDSET/ATTITUDE.  We must CHOSE to BE BOLD. Each day, not just the unicorn & rainbow days, but the days when you are exhausted, when you want to sit & cry and have an adult time out.  The key is to BE BOLD and REST, knowing you are doing the BEST YOU CAN, and God's plan is so great. 

5. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? 

Morning quiet time (coffee, journal, bible, current daily study material "Portraits of Devotion by Beth Moore)

6. So, your a plant mom- which plant is your favorite?

SUCCULENTS!  I swear each of my plants have attitudes, but the air in my apartment is so great because of the roughly 20 plants in 600 sq ft. TOTAL PLANT MOM.

7. What are you reading right now?   

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

8. What’s your favorite way to unwind?

A quiet prayer walk through the villages with #headcoachluna - we like to dream as we walk and look at the houses (we want to forever live in Detroit. It is home)

9. When you think about the year ahead, how do you want to feel? How do you want your business to feel?

I just turned 38 on 9/21. The year ahead feels BIG in a good way. But there is great PEACE knowing God's got it.  We are expanding Detroit Body Garage in 2019, and currently I am just overwhelmed with GRATITUDE at how this is all growing & coming together.  

10.What does wellness mean to you?

It is a sweet place where you are focused on being FULLY WELL:  Mind Body Spirit.  It isn't a place of perfection or victory but of GRACE, of being BOLD and FULL YOU.  Being well DEEP down in your soul, despite the chaos of the world around you. 

To keep up with Terra and all the knowledge she shares you can find her online at her website, or via instagram.

Instagram: @beboldterra