Wellness in Business with Klaudia Jakubiak


Klaudia, or should I say “The Travel Critic” is an avid full-time traveling blogger who’s done her fair share of time in corporate America. She seeks deep human connections which traveling gives her, and it also allows her to better understand the world around her. She’s very in-tune with her passions and enjoys helping others explore what they are passionate about as well.

Klaudia believes everyone should experience solo traveling as it leads to self discovery. From finding affordable flights, to fine dining in London, and back home to Detroit, Michigan she shares with us exactly how she cares for herself while maintaining her love of world traveling and blogging.

1. So, tell us about yourself, who is “The Travel Critic?” 

Hi everyone! My name is Klaudia, also known as 'The Travel Critic'. My goal is to inspire other women to solo travel through my experiences of culture, food and stories abroad. I believe solo travel is one of the biggest forms of self-development and I want to encourage other women to let go of the fear and explore this beautiful world. You learn a lot about others and their ways of life, but more importantly, you learn about YOURSELF and who you are. It's a beautiful journey. 

2. What makes you feel most alive?

Being lost in a foreign country or being on a plane.

3. Name 2 women who’ve inspired your work?

Elizabeth Gilbert and Oprah; Elizabeth's story of quitting her life and following her dreams was a true inspiration. Oprah's 'Super Soul Sunday' podcast has inspired me to TRUST and to go inward.

4. How do you stay healthy while traveling?

I walk EVERYWHERE. When I was in Indonesia, everyone was riding a scooter, except for me LOL - I was too afraid, so I decided to walk everywhere. I love it because I see more, even when I get lost.

5. Name 2-3 of your favorite self-care practices?

Journaling, LONG baths, and hot yoga.

6. What are your favorite essential oils?

Anything that is calming or uplifting such as lavender, however, I am currently obsessed with 'Bali Flower'. It reminds me of the streets of Bali. 

7. When you think about the year ahead, how do you want to feel? How do you want the health of your business to feel?

I want to feel as though I've evolved; I've gotten closer to my Truth. I want to feel connected, aligned and happy with who I am and how far I've gotten. I want my business to feel genuine and relatable. 

8. How do you create a morning and evening routine for yourself while you’re traveling?

In the morning, I usually find the nearest cafe. I want to try either the coffee or local tea of choice. For instance, in Bali, I was huge on their turmeric lattes. I love starting my mornings with conversation or good cup of coffee/tea. In the evening, I like to recap what I learned or experienced through journaling, reflection is key during travel. You experience so many little things throughout the day, that it's easy to forget, so journaling is one way to remember those moments. 

9. Favorite podcast or book right now?

Books: 'Daring Greatly' by Brene Brown or 'Conversations with God' Neale Walsch 

Podcast: Super Soul Sundays 

10. What does wellness mean to you?
Wellness is an individual experience and different for each person. I believe wellness is a journey of understand what works best for YOU and your mind, body and spirit through experiences, trial and error and patience. I believe it means being aligned with your truest self, so you can give your best self to others.

To keep up with Klaudia and all the knowledge she shares you can find her online at her website, or via instagram.

Instagram: @thetravelcritic