Makin' Moves

After one full year in Atlanta, I’ve made the decision to go back home, to Michigan. Are you shocked? Kinda, sorta? Surprisingly this wasn’t the hardest decision for me to make, but it was hard being in tune with listening and knowing where God wanted me to be. I wanted to initially move home a few months ago, but I decided to stay at least a year here in Atlanta and see how I felt when I got closer to that time. I didn’t want to up and move on impact from ya know, lifes changes. I wanted to be in a clear head-space and know that this move was for me, and me alone.

I’d never lived out of state before, but had such a desire to try somewhere different and I felt like I could live away from my family and be just fine with that. Of course when I moved to Atlanta life expectations were completely different. It is insane how life happens and the things that can change in a year, I don’t think I truly realized that until changes started happening to and for me.

Atlanta was definitely a step out my comfort zone. I had to learn how to make friends, and meet people. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but when I started putting myself out there more, it became easier. I’ve truly met some life long friends while being here. There are a lot of people in Georgia, that aren’t from here, so it’s like friends turned family. We could call on each other if we needed each other for anything. The maintained support even through the loss of DJ was amazing. My co-workers, friends, and extended family truly showed so much love and support. I’m grateful for God placing those people in my life when he did, especially during that time.

I won’t lie, going through that was extremely hard – especially not having my immediate family & friends within driving distance. But I think there was intention around that. I know that those 3 months I was off during my MAT leave, that’s where God met me. When I was alone during the day with no one home, nothing to distract me in this big empty house, it was just He and I. I had my breakdowns, sometimes not getting out of bed, going for multiple walks in the neighborhood, or driving around (once I was able to). That was the only way I could really work through my healing. It felt so lonely but I couldn’t substitute a happy hour, spending money, or all the reflexology massages in the world for the time I NEEDED with God. I had to learn to DEPEND on HIM. It’s like my heart was shattered and was being rebuilt from scratch. I’m going to make a post about healing and going through grief soon so I won’t get too deep now.

Going back to Michigan feels right. I know that God is leading me back home, and I’m in this place of full obedience. The fact that I was even questioning being in Atlanta still or going home meant something to me. At first, I felt like moving back to Michigan was a set back for me, and I was starting over completely, but I had to shift that perspective and my friends helped me with that. It’s not starting over when it’s where I’m called to be, it’s simply redirection. I’ve been operating from a place of my plans, but God’s plans are the only one’s that matter. I had a huge detour, now I’m back enroute. I prayed long and hard for direction, peace, and for God to show me what to do. As soon as I started making plans to move back to Michigan its like the floodgates of heaven opened, and everything, you hear me, everything fell right into place. Like, it’s so, so, so crazy! 

I feel so much peace, and excitement with going back home and being around my family, friends and my doggies!  I realize you can’t put a price on that. Whatever fills your heart; get more of that. Eternity is only a breath away, and we aren’t promised anything. I can’t image not having my family and friends around right now at this time in my life. They didn’t get to see the majority of my pregnancy, or experience these changes with me. I can’t say Michigan is my end destination; maybe God will put me in a city that’s not far from Michigan in the near future? I don’t know, I love big city vibes to an extent but I also love Detroit. What I put into my life and experiences is what I get out of it. But for right now I’m riding the wave. He’s got me all the way covered and I’m with it.

Jeremiah 29:11  "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

With love,