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meet reneé ashley

Hey there!

I’m Reneé, a certified holistic health coach through the IIN program. I help women achieve optimal health through balanced hormones and nutrition. I’m on a journey like you are, and I realize the power in assisting women back to loving themselves more and being in relationship with their body. Our womanhood should be top on our priority lists, and caring for ourselves starts from the inside out

Becoming a baby loss mom at 36 weeks in my pregnancy birthed my healing journey for my body, heart, and soul. I literally went on a journey to heal everything! I share my story powerfully and openly because we as women can heal as a community. We’re changing the narrative of private suffering.

I enjoy the beauty of life - being outdoors, traveling, new experiences, and peaceful Friday evenings in the Whole Foods isle. Buy me tea and we’re friends forever! I also may steal your dog so don’t leave them by me for too long. I love to laugh and I’m passionate about the things that make my heart smile. New connections feed my soul, and helping you live a life of mindfulness on your wellness, self-care journey does too, so stay a while and enjoy!